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What·s the purpose of a fight song? It·s to call out to the team and tell them that we believe in them. Against all odds, we cheer them on to push back the rival and lead us on to victory. It might surprise you to know that the Bible has its set of figh

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The Vision for this 6-week series on the Psalms is that we would learn how to SING TO GOD in Every Season of our lives, and so grow in our connection to Him. This week we will explore a 'Blues song'; it is a song of Lament

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On this Good Friday we reflect on the greates act of selfless love in all of humankind, the crucification of Jesus Christ

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First reactions to disruption are often negative. But, sometimes disruptions are good! They lead to new opportunities and lend new perspectives. When God allows disruption in our lives, He·s often seeking invent something for us, just as he did for a wom

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