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Oak Pointe Church Milford looks back on 2012 and celebrates the many blessings the Lord has bestowed on His church

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The Hope of the Christmas story....

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Jesus wants us to know that we are on the REALLY naughty list... and He loves us anyway

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God's words as seen in John chapter 8 are intended to bring us life not death

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In John Chapter 7 Jesus proclaims that He is the Living Water.

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Jesus' voice is the vehicle for life. We must learn to hear it and obey in faith if want to experience His healing power.

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The Crowd's response to Jesus and His teaching: Following, gumbling, arguing, departing, declearing. John 6 14-15

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In the story of the healing of the nobelman's son, Jesus challenges us in our unbelief and invites us to belief

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Jesus' conversation with the Woman at the Well reveals not only that God knows everything about us but that God is committed to making us face our need for Him... all with the intention of giving us spiritual life.

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In his conversation with Nicodemus, Jesus points out that even the most learned religious scholar needs to be "born again":  given new spiritual life from above.

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Jesus as Savior, Creator, and Revealer. John 1-2

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"Who is Jesus?" John answers this question in his prologue (1:1-18) by stating that Jesus is the Creator, Revealer and Savior.

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Oak Pointe Church Milford Celebrates all of God's rich blessings on His Church

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Two of Oak Pointe Milford's outward emphases: Resource and Protect

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God lost something and He wants it back. Lost sheep, lost coin, lost son. Jesus talks about His own outward emphasis (Luke 15)

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God calls the Church to engage with him in the mission of connecting, resourcing, protecting and reaching (Luke 9:10-17)

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Wisdom, courage and humulity together are required to skillfully live out God's plan for our lives

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What humility looks like.

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How to Live with 'Resources'

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God Promises to give us a "straight path" if we will do three simple things...

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The importance of 'Friendship' and what that really looks like as we grow in Christ.

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Donny Vanker begins the Heart Smart series speaking on 'The fear of the Lord'

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The last of the God is series concludes with a message about how God saved those who trusted him in the old testiment and those who trust in Him today.

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God demonstrates His great patience towards those who know him and those who don't know him.

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God is generous in His provision for us to experience Him as the provider for al our needs.

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Psalm 73 encourages us with the truth that God is Priceless - no matter how our emotions ebb and flow.

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The Prodigal Son story offers an amazing picture of God as our Compassionate and Loving Heavenly Father

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Joel Lindman Pastor of Bell Creek Community Church in Livoina Michigan teaches on the Goodness of God

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The Avengers assemble to "fight the foes that no single superhero can withstand."  In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus proves that he is the Ultimate Avenger as he defeats the powers of nature, the spiritual realm, disease and death

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Oak Pointe Church | Milford celebrates with the church's first baptisim service

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What's in your lunch box? The feeding of the 5,000 and Jesus' invitation to all of us to be a part of his vision for the church

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Naomi's faithful consideration and blessings by God

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Psalm 51 shows us how David's response to God is a key part of his restoration process.

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The story of the woman at the well and how God finds us to be valuable, doesn't care about our faults, and restores dignity to us.

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John Mark - From deserter to a faithful and fruitful disciple. Marks' story of return is an encouragement to all who find themselves in a need of a restore story.

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Peter is a familiar New Testament character, yet he has an extraordinary story of forgiveness and restoration in Christ.

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As we celebrate Easter, we take a look at the work Christ done on the cross and as a result the hope that we have now and for the future

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Metro Detroit's favorite weather guy, Chuck Gaidica, is todays guest speaker as continues in our four part weekend message series called "Why Do I Need God?"

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Welcome to OPC|Milford's first podcast. Today we kick off a new series entitled "Why Do I Need God?" Today's teaching is on 1 John 4:7-8 and is presented by Donny Vanker OPC|Milford's Pastor for Student Ministries.

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Welcome to the Oak Pointe | Milford Podcast

Greetings and welcome to the home of OPC|Milford's weekly podcast. We are delighted to make available to you our weekly messages. Subscribe to this feed via your favorite podcast aggregator and shortly you will find the first message entitled "God is Love" it is the first of several messages in a new series we are calling "Why Do I Need God?" 


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